Interview with Tony Grout

Interview with Tony Grout

Q. Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

I’m Tony Grout, and help lead the thinking at Atlassian on how teams of teams can ship better solutions. I’ve worked in industries from military aerospace to collaboration tools at a global scale.

Q: What will your talk be about, exactly? Why this topic?  

My talk is about five signs your scaling of agility is failing. I chose this topic as I’ve lead some huge agile and devops transformations and have observed many more and see some common failure patterns that I thought it would be sharing; along with some potential solutions.

Q: What do you think could be the main gain for participants in your session? 

Increase the likelihood of avoiding the traps I’ve fallen in to or I’ve seen others fall in to when trying to scale agility.

Q: Can you give some advice to teams/organisations that are transitioning to agile? 

Start small, focus on both engineering excellence and defining value through experimentation making sure to bring the rest of the organisation with you

Q: How do you see the evolution of agile in the future? 

Succesful organisations will avoid the trap of adopting a single agile framework. Instead they’ll avoid rhetoric; they’ll be customer focused while not losing sight of responsibilies to society and the people that work in their organisation; they’ll hire smart people; they’ll use data to build insight; encourage experimentation in product and process where it makes sense, value wisdom and manage risk using enabling constraints. We’ll call this something else other than agile so that we get another chance to fix what we didn’t get right this time around.

Q: You have given many interviews/presentations about agile. Is there a question you wish to have been asked but no one ever asked you?  

Questions about the timing of things rarely come up and I’m fascinated at the moment about how timing and our perception of time has such a big impact on outcomes.

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