Interview with Claudio Perrone – A new model for continuous evolution

Interview with Claudio Perrone – A new model for continuous evolution

Claudio Perrone will give a talk at Agile Greece Summit 2015 about “PopcornFlow, Continuous evolution through ultra-rapid experimentation“.
Claudio Perrone is a well-known Lean & Agile management consultant, entrepreneur and startup strategist with over 20 years of commercial experience and a strong focus on leadership, agility and operational excellence. He is the inventor of the PopcornFlow thinking model of continuous evolution through ultra-rapid experimentation which he will present at Agile Greece Summit 2015. Here is his small interview.

Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m an independent Lean and Agile management consultant, based in Dublin, working with ambitious organizations all over Europe.

Q: What will your talk be about, exactly? Why this topic?

I will be talking about PopcornFlow, a new method to introduce, sustain, and accelerate change at personal and interpersonal level.

Q: What do you think could be the main gain for participants in your session?

The session is not about philosophical discussions about the history of change management: it’s about getting the mindset, models and practical advice to introduce ultra-rapid change at work and, why not, at home.

Q: Can you give some advice to teams/organizations that are transitioning to agile?

Agile is not about mindlessly following ceremonies, but rather about adapting to change.
There is no “transition” to Agile, because Agile is not a “state”. It’s an endless journey of continuous improvement, where failure is an integral part of learning.
The trick is to introduce small change continuously rather than to deal with the risks and consequences of the more traditional big change initiatives.

Q: How do you see the evolution of Agile in the future?

PopcornFlow in every team. Don’t laugh. I’m (sort of) serious! In general, I see a trend towards more deliberate experimentation. I’m hoping for less ceremonies, transition plans, and pre-packaged “Agile at scale” frameworks.

Q: You have given many interviews/presentations about agile. Is there a question you wish to have been asked but no one ever asked you?

Are you a Certified Scrum Master? Ah ah, now I’m definitely kidding.

Q: What you like to say something in advance to the Greek Agile community?

Don’t just look at others and think “they need to change”. Take the time to re-examine your own mental cages too!


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